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The Here For You LLC Team

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Shayne Reid Owner

As co-owner of Here For You LLC, Shayne is dedicated to making people's lives easier. She is a writer, an organization specialist, she has an education in veterinary medicine, specializes in administrative assisting and helping people with just about anything they need. It is her love of helping others that brought Here For You LLC to life.

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Isabelle Cristian


Isabelle is known for her tremendous abilities and strengths. Her love for animals and helping people is the reason Here For You LLC exists. She is personable, professional, kind, and extremely hard working. She has experience in animal medicine, property management, and personal and professional assisting.

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Ryver Reid

Ryver is a huge part of Here For You LLC. Her optimism, spirit, and support when the business was being created, made it all possible. She is now the Director of Marketing and Research and her best skill of all... Loving the pets that Here For You LLC cares for. :)

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Betsy LaRoe

Betsy is a beautiful person who loves to help others. She has worked as a personal assistant for many years and has also worked as a teacher and children's program director. Betsy is an animal person and currently has 6 chickens and a dog at home. :) We could not be happier to have her as part of the Here For You LLC family!

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Julie Bruton

Julie works in all aspects of Here For You LLC from home organization to pet sitting. Before working with Here For You, she worked in the mortgage industry. She retired early to do some traveling with her husband and to move into a career that allowed her to do what she really loves: Helping people. :)

Lisa Smith

Lisa is happily retired from the world of administrative work and now spends her time doing what she loves: caring for pets. Lisa is an experienced pet sitter who finds her joy being with animals. Her love for animals combined with her attention to detail and responsible nature make her an incredible member of our pet sitting team!


Carol Gayden

Carol wears many different hats in her personal life and as an employee with Here For You LLC. We love that we met Carol through local theatre where she is a costume designer. When not using her creative side, she also cares for her elderly father. She is experienced with (and loves) pets and is an organization specialist. She is an absolute asset and we are grateul to have her on the Here For You LLC team!


Carol is one of our all-star employees. She is an animal lover and a people person and is dedicated to taking care of others. She spent a portion of her life running a care home to be able to care for her mother full-time. Now, she is spending her free time working for Here For You LLC, taking care of pets and working as an amazing personal assistant. We are so excited to have her on the Here For You LLC team!

Carol Arena

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Cindy Cooper

Cindy works in all aspects of Here For You LLC and has an extensive background in administrative work and pet sitting. She has been pet sitting for over 30 years and wins the Here For You LLC award for the most traveled pet sitter. Cindy has gone as far as Prague in the Czech Republic to do a pet sitting! :) She truly enjoys making people's lives easier and is a great asset to Here For You LLC.

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Suzanne Waters

Suzanne is an animal lover through and through! She spent more than 15 years working as an animal services manager for the SPCA and has experience assisting in the veterinary field. Her love of animals and kind spirit are matched by her experience and professionalism. Suzanne is an amazing pet sitter and an incredible asset to our team. We are grateful to have her as part of the Here For You LLC family!

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Tom Nicholas

Tom has a background in working as a personal caregiver and has a tremendous capacity for helping others. Although we do not offer care giving services, his compassion and dedication to helping people makes him a great asset to the Here For You LLC team.

Olivia Amore

Chris Johnson

Chris is one of our "all services" employees and has one of the biggest heart of anyone you will meet. She has a major in business. She has raised guide dogs for the blind. Her mom had a full service boarding kennel so she has years of animal experience. On top of her love for animals she is also a "people person" and loves to help others in any way she can. We are grateful to have Chris as part of the Here For You LLC family!

Olivia is an amazing person and an incredible employee. Her helping nature, maturity, intelligence, and love of animals and people makes her an incredible part of our Here For You LLC family. Olivia is majoring in theatre at Jessup University and we are thrilled to have her with us while she works toward her dream career.

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